Matches. LIVE reported from Drammen.

Quick Statistics from CoveritLIVE matches reported from Drammen. It is a lot of hard working, also from LIVE reporters. Thanks to Kjetil Heen, Even and Felix.

Double Up Live Reports

"Elirtapport" from Drammen HERE.

Now we also have the posibility to provide "Elitrapport" from all matches. Because we have never used "Elitrapport", we will continue to use "CoveritLIVE" aswell, and you will be able to read them both from Drammen.

Hopefully you'll get what you need.

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Live-reports from Drammen

All matches from Drammen this weekend HERE.
"Elitrapport"... if vi can handle it....

Friday 31st January

18:00 NOR - SWE   LIVE-report 

20:00 FIN - RUS     LIVE-report 

Saturday 1st of Febuary

10:00 NOR - FIN     LIVE-report 
12:00 SWE - RUS    LIVE-report 
16:00 RUS - NOR    LIVE-report    
18:00 FIN  - SWE    LIVE-report  

Sunday 2nd of Febuary

12:00 BronzeMatch 2x45 min   LIVE-report   
FinalMatch 2x45 min      LIVE-report  

All matches will be Live reported from Drammen.
Hopefully someone back home will follow us..

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All LIVE-reports can be replayed after match, from the same links.

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