Bandy Y17 in Drammen 2014

Sweden are Nordic Champions

Sweden became Nordic Champions, and also European Champions.
By beating Finland in saturdays last match and by beating Russia in the Final match.

Bronze Match: Finland - Norway 5-2

Final Matc:  Russia - Sweden   4-6

Sweden is borh Nordic and European Champions Youth17 2014.
Congratulations, and thanks to everyone for a nice tournament.

Coming a lot of rain now before the bronzematch between Finland and Norway 12:00!

Game sheets and match reports.

Finland - Russia 0-2

A tight and intensive match.
2 good teams, and good Referees.
Faximile from gamesheet if you click picture at right.

"Elitrapport" HERE.

"CoveritLIVE" HERE.

Man of the Match;
Russian goalkeeper #1

Norway-Sweden 2-11

The first day of the tournament is now history.
Fantastic ice conditions, even with heavy snow all day.
Thanks to everyone who visited us at stadium, and to all good hands from Drammen Bandy.
We are sorry that we for the first time, had no internett in start of tournament. We'll be better tomorrow.

"Elitrapport" HERE.
Our first attempt ever, to report in "Elitrapport".
Thanks to Felix Callender in Drammen.

"CoveritLIVE" report HERE.
We need more people tomorrow.
Thanks to Kjetil Heen for excellent work.

Click to see video highlights from Norway-Sweden.

Let the game begin....

All 4 teams has been at the stadium, more or less on the Ice. Information meeting has been held for all teams and organizers, and Referee meeting is done. Everyone's got the same information and have the same platform, to make a fair and good tournament. It became sucsessful again at leaders comments meal, at Gildehallen. Everyone is In good health, and with positiv spirit. Let the game begin. May the best team win.

Working hard for Elitrapport

Read more about it from second menu-choise in left menu.
We are working hard to provide, familiar to world bandy, "Elitrapport" from all matches in Drammen.
Thursday at 09:30;
- Swedish Team are just now established at Marienlyst.

Wednesday morning in Drammen

We are looking forward to host these Championship in Drammen, and are doing good preperations. Iceman and his crew, did yestardays last turns on the ice, half an hour before midnight.
The picture is taken early wednesday morning, and 5 cm of very light snow is schuffeled away. It has, througout the night, been preserving excellent ice conditions. It looks realy good now.
It seems this kind of weather will keep up these days. Check it out at: or and type "Drammen" as the city.

Program Wednesday:
- Already this evening som players will attend to Drammen.
- We are doing preparations at Stadium. Kiosks, flagpoles, stands, internet connection, locker-rooms, and establish an "office".
Program Thursday:
- All teams and Referees will arrive.
- Futher preparations at stadium. Ice, goals, lines etc....
14:00 Org.Meeting Drammen Bandy.
16:00 Information meeting at hotel. Team Leaders, Referees and Officials.
16:30 Referee Meeting at hotel.
17:30 Common departure from hotel.
18:00 Leaders Meeting at "Gildehallen" at Aass Brewery. Invitation.
23:00 It's bandytime. Good Night.

Weather forecast

Wednesday's forecast, hour by hour in detail.

We hoped for sunny winter weather, but it seems to be a little bit light snow in Drammen this week end. We have had snow for the last 2-3 weeks now, and we are well prepared for more. Last weekend in Oslo came out with light snow, but very good ice conditions. Snow will not either in Drammen, be a problem. Iceman is well used to handle this and will provide the very best ice conditions.
Temperatures around zero to 5-6 below zero, is perfect for bandy and for spectators at the stands. Kiosk and cafè will be located indoor, and hopefully you will have a good time at Marienlyst Ice Stadium and it's facilities.
Drive carefully, and we'll meet on Friday.

LIVE-reports from matches

In left meny you can click "Matches LIVE".
No there is a posiblity that we might change into  "Elitrapport".
If that can be setteled, we will change from our now well prepared "CoveritLIVE", and to the even more familiar "Elitrapport". We'll see. Someone is working real hard now, to establish the setup, peperations and education for the upcoming Championships in Drammen. Hang on....

Soon in Drammen

From last weekend and Yoth19 in Oslo. Perfect Ice conditions, even when light snow. Russia became Champions.

We have beautiful winter weather, and heavy snow today tuesday.
We ar doing the vert best preperations, both on and off ice.
Congratulations to Russia who became World Champions Youth19 in Oslo. We were there to learn, and Ullevål IL made a good impression.
Hopefully you all will have safe travels, and we are very well prepared to wish you most welcome to Drammen.
Please ask, if there is anything.

Rune Jahnsen and Jan Rockstad, Drammen Bandy.

Youth19 in Oslo and Senior Men in Irkutsk

This weekend upcoming, championships will start both in Irkutsk and Oslo. Click picture at Right, and yoy will see the matchlist for Youth19 in Oslo.

Her are the links to them both:

World Championships Youth19 in Oslo, Norway:

World Championships Men Senior Irkutsk, Russia:

Good luck to you all.

Back in Drammen

In "Iceman's Garage", you can find a lot of knowledgement, and a lot of souvernirs. These silver plates, are handed to Mr. Iceman and his Crew, from Norwegian Federation, for excellent ice conditions, during 4 earlier championships in Drammen.

- 2005 Youth17 Worlds Championships
- 2006 Youth19 Worlds Championships
- 2007 Youth19 Nordic Championships
- 2010 Womens World Champiuonships

Hopefully they can soon ad one more souvernir to the wall ..

Welcome to Drammen Bandy

Drammen Bandy, a small bandy-club, are doing the local match organazing.
And we are proud to be hosting international Youth Bandy again in the city of Drammen.
Hopefully you will all attend to this beautiful city, knowing a bit more about whats going on.
We want these young bandy players to remember their visit to Drammen, with as much positive experience as posible.

Thursday 30th of January, and througout the weekend until Sunday 2.nd of Febuary, we would like all young players, team leaders, referees, officials, visitors and bandyfans, to participate in making this city even better. By together making extremely good bandy events at Marienlyst Arena.

It can be windy. It can be snow.
But mostly at this time of the year, we have nice and sunny winter weather.
Marienlyst artificial ice arena, has nothing but very good ice conditions. Always.

These sites will be kept simple, but updated. As soon as posible.
More instantly information, on our Facebook sites soon.

And at our LIVE-reports from each match.

Any questions so far...?

On Sunday 2.nd of Febuary, either Russia, Sweden, Finland or Norway, will be titeled
"Euroean Champions Youth 17" for 2014. We are looking forward to do the announsement..
Welcome to Drammen in January.

Happy New Year

We have done it for 11 years now, with all kinds of weather. This year we were approxy 400 people together. Skating out of the year running out, this evening. Stadium lights off, tourche parade, Santa for a visit, and a lot of nice skating people, young and old, wishing eachother a HAPPY NEW YEAR.
And we would like to say the same to you all, coming to Drammen; Happy New Year, and Welcome.

Contact us; / Rune Jahnsen, Drammen Bandy